Flying Start @ Redruth Explore Foods For Tea!

Flying Start @ Redruth’s Babies And Toddlers Look At Foods From Around The World

The children in the Day Nursery at Flying Start @ Redruth have a new story theme… The Tiger Who Came to Tea!

This was the story voted upon by the parents and children in the department, and will now be the focus for the half term. Building on the children’s interests from the story the key workers will plan exciting learning opportunities.

After reading the story this week and listening to all of the things the Tiger ate when he came to Sophie’s house for tea, the children have talked about their favourite foods and then explored different dried food that children around the world have for their tea.

Feeling the textures, shapes, sizes and variety of beans, pasta, rice, oats the children are learning about all different types of food… they will be trying some as the half term continues! Look out for some interesting snack times!