Flying Start @ Helston Celebrate Diwali Festival! 

Flying Start @ Helston Celebrate Diwali Festival!

The children at Flying Start @ Helston have all been celebrating and exploring Diwali festival!

The toddlers and preschool have been making candle holders out of clay, which are a key part of the festival and are called ‘Diyas’.

The children shaped the clay holders, and then added glitter!

Once they were completely dry, the children took them home to show to their parents & families!

The pre-schoolers have also been exploring the beautiful decorations that people put on their hands with mendhi during Diwali – so they had a go at painting their own patters on a hand outline!

Finally, the preschool children got involved in creating some large scale Rangolis – which are the colourful shapes that get created on the floor during Diwali!

The children were very excited to join in with each other, and drew some beautiful colourful designs!

Well done Helston, what lovely ways to celebrate and learn about Diwali!