Flying Start @ Helston Are Visited by a Vet!

Flying Start @ Helston Meet A Vet And A 12 Week Old Puppy! 

The Preschool children at Helston nursery are learning all about different Occupations. They have been for a walk through the town and found lots of different businesses and jobs, but have shown a real interest in caring for animals!

After a visit to Trevaskis farm, the children have now started to learn about caring for poorly animals at the Vets!

A Vet came in to the nursery with lots of her equipment and talked to the children about her job and how she looks after animals.

She also brought a special visitor…. 12 week old sausage dog Gem!

After lots of cuddles, they learnt about how Gem will grow and when she will need to go to the vets to have her injections and checks.

The children had a go at using lots of the equipment which has inspired them in their role play!