Flying Start @ Duchy Celebrate Diwali Festival!

Flying Start @ Duchy Celebrate Diwali Festival!

The whole nursery at Flying Start @ Duchy have been exploring and celebrating the festival of Diwali!

The babies and toddlers have been doing lots of Rangoli art, which is when beautiful brightly-coloured designs are made on the floor, as part of the celebration of Diwali!

The preschool children have been making Rangoli art using playdough, seeds, and lentils!

They have also been using clay in the forest to make patterns , exploring different coloured rice in the preschool room tuff-spot, and drawing and colouring in their own Rangoli patterns too!

To understand Diwali, the pre-school children have also been exploring the Diwali story with different props to help them… They have then been talking about it together, and making clay light holders like in the story!

Wow, what brilliant celebrations and exploring of the festival of Diwali!