Flying Start @ Camborne’s Weekly Gym Club!

Flying Start @ Camborne Keep Fit and Healthy!

The Toddlers weekly gym club happens every Wednesday and involves a warm up, main activities working on developing different physical skills and then a cool down with a conversation about how their bodies are feeling during and after the exercise.

In this session the children’s warm up started to ‘If you are happy and you know it’ with LOTS of actions that got more and more physical… not just clap your hands and stamp your feet!

Then they focused on developing the physical skill : hopping.

Remembering how they have learnt to jump and land with two feet and bent knees they could trial this on the one foot. This was helped along with lots of rounds of ‘sleeping bunnies’ who do lots of hopping at the end of the rhyme!

The children also practised putting on their own shoes and socks afterwards… why not see how they get on with this at home!