Flying Start @ Helston Do Science Experiments!

Flying Start @ Helston Do Science Experiments!
The pre-schoolers at Flying Start @ Helson have been exploring changing colours with some science experiments!
They added some water and food colouring to some pots and mixed it up…
…and then they added some white tissue paper to see if the colour of the paper will change… and as if by magic, it did!!
Not stopping there as the children were on a science mission to explore colour… so they set up another exciting experiment with flowers in coloured water!
The children are so excited to see the results, and have been carefully observing for any changes!

Flying Start Nurseries Sign National Mental Health Manifesto

Flying Start Nurseries Sign National Mental Health Manifesto
Today is the beginning of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and Sharon Cowburn, Director of Flying Start Nurseries, proudly signed the ‘Where’s Your Head At’ Manifesto.
This is a national document that all businesses are being invited to sign, and it shows a company’s commitment to mental health awareness, and creating a mentally healthy workplace.
Read more about the manifesto here:
The ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ campaign is calling for a working world where mental health is supported and protected. A world where wellbeing is at the heart of all we do, and where businesses have employees trained in Mental Health First Aid.
Flying Start Nurseries is proud to have trained their senior management in Mental Health First Aid, and making an ongoing commitment to wellbeing in the workplace.

Flying Start @ Helston Celebrate Flora Day!

Flying Start @ Helston Celebrate Flora Day!
On Wednesday, Flying Start @ Helston celebrated the annual highlight of the year for Helston town… Flora Day!
The children and staff went into town to watch the children’s dance and the midday dance through the town…
…and to look at all the shops that had been decorated with bluebells and greenery!
Such a wonderful atmosphere, and the children had lots of fun, especially listening to the big band!
Then they all came back to nursery and had a Cornish Pasty for a special lunch… delicious!

Flying Start Nurseries Celebrates 26 Years!

Flying Start Nurseries Celebrates 26 Years!
We are delighted to celebrate that Flying Start Nurseries turns 26 years old today!!🎉
Sharon & Steve Cowburn would like to express a huge thank you to all the staff, families, and children who have been a part of Flying Start over the years, and who join them today in celebrating 26 years!

A particularly special mention goes to the amazing staff members who have worked for Flying Start for the whole 26 years, or were original staff who have returned to the company! And also to members of staff who were previously children in the nursery – wow!!
Today and throughout this week, the nurseries will be celebrating the nursery anniversary – and the birthday of the little girl in our logo who we call Flora!
Here is to many more years of providing a ‘Flying Start to lifelong learning’!

Flying Start @ Helston Visit Local Boating Lake!

Flying Start @ Helston Visit Local Boating Lake!
The whole nursery at Flying Start @ Helston went on a trip altogether to the local boating lake!
The children all put their sunhats and high-vis vests on, and then all walked down from the nursery, talking about road safety, and the precautions they need to take when on a trip to stay safe!
At the boating lake, they sat down together in the shade and ate their picnic lunch that they had prepared… delicious!
And then the children had lots of fun on the swings and the slide!
Look at those big smiles, what a fun trip for all into the local community!

Flying Start @ Helston Make Mother’s Day Cards!

Flying Start @ Helston Make Mother’s Day Cards!
The children at Flying Start @ Helston made some beautiful handmade cards for Mother’s Day, to give to their Mummy, Nanny or Aunty!
They all discussed what they wanted their card to look like, and why it was especially special for their loved one!
Look at their wonderful concentration in the photos, creating their masterpieces…
Then they took them home to give on Mothering Sunday!

Flying Start Nurseries Win Silver Award For Healthy Workplaces!

Flying Start Nurseries Win Silver Award For Healthy Workplaces!
Flying Start Nurseries are delighted to win the Silver Award for Healthy Workplaces, in the first year of attempting this award!
Flying Start were particularly recognised for:
 Wellbeing wall and wellbeing boxes for staff to access which include magazines, colouring and puzzle books
 Staff away day, including beach games
 Ensuring staff can talk openly about their mental health
 Training 38 members of staff in Level 2 Mental Health Awareness
 Training all Senior Staff in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
  The CEO is a qualified MHFA trainer
The whole company is delighted to gain this Healthy Workplace Award, and all staff will continue to focus on the physical and mental health of their colleagues and all of the children!

Flying Start @ Helston Visit Culdrose Fire Station!

Flying Start @ Helston Visit Culdrose Fire Station!
Look at these fab photos of Flying Start @ Helston visiting Culdrose Fire Station!
The pre-children went on this very exciting trip, where they got to meet the firefighters who told them all about their important job helping people.

There was a huge fire engine there, which the firefighters showed them had big ladders and hoses…
…and the children got to put on their very own fire helmets…
…and then sit in the fire engine like the firefighters would…
…and they even got to have a go spraying the huge water hose!!
You just have to look at these brilliant photos to see how much fun they had!
A huge thank you to Culdrose fire station and the firefighters there for welcoming the pre-school children up to visit, and teaching them so much in an unforgettable trip!

Flying Start @ Helston Wash Wash Wash Their Hands!

Flying Start @ Helston’s Toddlers Beat The Germs!

The children have been learning all about routines, specifically meal times and bed times… and with this comes hand washing and cleaning.

Discussing when they need to wash their hands and then how they do it, of course meant lots of practice was required!

Sleeves up, taps on, soap squirted…

Rub, rub, rub… fronts of hands, backs of hands, in between the fingers, scrub, scrub, scrub those germs away!

Wash it off, dry it off and in the bin it goes!

We always encouraged our children to learn these important hygiene skills so that they can start to lead their own independent routines and help to keep themselves clean and healthy!

Flying Start @ Helston’s Love of the Library Continues!

Flying Start @ Helston Visiting The Library

The children at the nursery love to go out for a walk to the library in town, the Babies and Toddlers go regularly to a lovely ‘Bounce and Rhyme’ session, and the Preschool go to enjoy lots of different books… especially when they are learning about specific themes or topics.

After Bounce and Rhyme, the Toddler’s above stopped off to enjoy some new stories. They independently look through the books and ‘read’ the pictures to each other, sharing new ideas about the story book!

We think it is really important at Flying Start to foster a love of reading, if you ever want to borrow books from nursery… you can! Just ask your keyworker.