Flying Start @ Cornwall College Experiment With Mark Making!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College Experiment With Mark Making!


Day Nursery children have been experimenting with different ways to make marks in the garden! Using water and watching it dry, chalks and rubbing them out etc!

Day Nursery have been taking their tiger tea party in the garden! We have been exploring the Tigers den in our outside unit and making lots of mess while using real tea and china!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College Have A Tiger Over For Tea!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College Have A Tiger Over For Tea!

Children in the Day Nursery have been settling in over the last two weeks. Learning their new social distancing measures and getting to know their grown ups!

We are now starting our story Tiger who came to tea

The Day Nursery children get stuck into making resources, inviting the tiger for a cup of tea and listening to the story!




Flying Start Home Learning Competition!!

Flying Start Home Learning Competition!!!

We do hope you are enjoying our home learning ideas! This week its all about pizza!!

Once you have made your yummy pizza send us a photo via EyLog, we have missed seeing you all!!

The winning photo will be sent a little prize by magical post!

So excited to see your pizza creations!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College Enjoy The Outdoors!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College Enjoy The Outdoors!

Here they were exploring balancing, climbing and uphill / downhill – moving the wooden planks and tyres to create different challenges in their obstacle course.

The children also have been noticing how much our garden has grown, they found beautiful bring pink flowers and purple iris’s that weren’t in flower before we had a break! We also smell and pick their own herbs!

We are working on including individual play dough as the children were really keen to play with this familiar nursery item, so they have their own dough and tray and can add their herbs or other items to it, use it themselves and then it can be disposed of so that it isn’t shared. This is working really well and made some of our children very happy this week!

Flying Start Families Update : 07/06/2020

Flying Start Nurseries are updating their Families….

Please see below the important update, giving you answers to questions we have been asked lots in our first week with 6 nurseries open.

If you wish to book your child in for July or now want your child in for June please get in touch with your Nursery ASAP… we hope to be able to stay open in all of these 6 nurseries but we need your advance bookings to make this possible.




Flying Start @ Cornwall College Are Published!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College are name checked in a newly published children’s book!

A group of preschool children were treated in World Book week to a visit from Emma Reed an Author who was about to get her book published.

They listened, enjoyed the story and gave Emma important feedback!


The book is now available for purchase! Look up ‘WhimsicalWoodlandWay’ on facebook for more information!

Flying Start Home Learning Continues…!

Flying Start upload weekly home learning plans to your child’s online learning story!

Each week and sometimes twice a week, you will find an activity idea delivered to your child’s eyLog learning story! You will get a notification in your emails and then can see the easy to read plan which has been written for your childs’s age and stage in learning.

The plans have been written by experienced Flying Start staff and they target areas across the whole curriculum, but using items that you will have at home… so you don’t need to go out and buy anything fancy!


If your child needs some speech and language support, you will find some plans are targeted for this area of development, telling you exactly how you can support their development.

All we ask, is you give them a go and if possible upload a little photo or video back onto their learning story so we can see their progress.

Keep your eyes peeled, every now and again there will be competitions and fun to get involved with!

Flying Start Nurseries On A Gruffalo Hunt!

Flying Start Nurseries On A Gruffalo Hunt!

This week the children have been exploring a Gruffalo hunt in the garden! The children were given boards that showed images of the animals from the story, with our boards we went on a hunt around the garden to find them all!

The animals were hidden in lots of different places! The children were very excited to find them all and to tick them off of their sheets as they did!


Flying Start Nurseries In Woodwork Class!

Flying Start Nurseries In Woodwork Class!

The preschool children have been doing some wood work, they have been using the hammers, screw drivers and a hand drill, they have been screwing screws in, hammering nails in and making holes using the hand drill.


Flying Start Nurseries Get School Ready!

Flying Start Nurseries Get School Ready!

Being school ready is all about developing important independence skills! Why not let your child have a go at dressing and choosing their own clothes to match the weather? Remember to gradually give them more independence to it all themselves, you will be surprised at how quickly they learn with the opportunity to try lots!