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Flying Start @ Saltash’s Woodwork!

Flying Start @ Saltash’s Holiday Club Woodwork Fun! The preschool and holiday club have been busy in Half Term… Using their Woodwork kit they have been planning, designing and then crafting using drills, hammers and screw drivers. With their protective equipment on, they got stuck in! They planned what they were going to build and […]

Flying Start @ Camborne’s Forest Fun!

Flying Start @ Camborne’s Forest Finds… The preschool children went on their Forest School to Tehidy Woods and found… A big wall to peep over, some fast flowing water, some ducks and a den to hide in! They explored the different environments, looking high and low, behind and inside to see what they could find, […]

Flying Start @ Redruth Explore Foods For Tea!

Flying Start @ Redruth’s Babies And Toddlers Look At Foods From Around The World The children in the Day Nursery at Flying Start @ Redruth have a new story theme… The Tiger Who Came to Tea! This was the story voted upon by the parents and children in the department, and will now be the […]

Flying Start @ Cornwall College’s Baby Garden Grows!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College’s Babies Welcome Spring… The babies at Cornwall College are hoping this sunny weather is the start of Spring, they have embraced it by starting to get their garden ready for lots of fun and exploration not just wet weather play! After exploring lots of nature based activities on their weekly […]

Flying Start @ Helston Wash Wash Wash Their Hands!

Flying Start @ Helston’s Toddlers Beat The Germs! The children have been learning all about routines, specifically meal times and bed times… and with this comes hand washing and cleaning. Discussing when they need to wash their hands and then how they do it, of course meant lots of practice was required! Sleeves up, taps […]

Flying Start @ Saltash Clean Some BIG Teeth!

Flying Start @ Saltash Learn How To Keep Their Teeth Clean… Last half term the children were learning all about People Who Help Them in their Room 3. The children showed a real interest for doctors, nurses, dentists and all of those jobs that care for each other. With role play opportunities set up the […]

Flying Start @ Redruth’s Valentines Stay and Play!

Flying Start @ Redruth Invite Their Families in For Valentines Day Love! From pink play dough to yummy biscuit dough! The children and families got stuck in to creating LOVE-ly treats, Hannah the Nursery Cook guided all on how to make tasty heart shaped shortbread. The children were delighted to welcome in their relatives, it […]

Flying Start @ Duchy’s Babies Make Sense, Of Their Senses!

Flying Start @ Duchy Explore Their Senses With Exciting Experiences… Trying new tastes through food exploration, Exploring paint with their bodies… which was very slimy on their toes!  And when brushes just didn’t cut it, full tummy time exploration occurred! The babies have also been exploring different textures, with wobbly jelly, dry hay and then […]

Flying Start @ Saltash Toddler’s Are Building Houses!

Flying Start @ Saltash’s Toddlers Copy The Little Pigs… After reading 3 Little Pigs, the children’s story theme for the half term, the children decided to have a go at using sticks to make house shapes The toddlers, moved the sticks around in the tray to try and work out how to make a triangle […]