Flying Start @ Satash Go On A Trip To Forest School!

Flying Start @ Satash Go On A Trip To Forest School!
Flying Start @ Saltash went on an exciting trip to visit the forest school at Flying Start @ Duchy!
The children and staff went in to the Flying Start BONGO, and were driven to see their friends at Flying Start @ Duchy.
They all went down to the forest, where they did some exploring and then ate some snack…
And then they made special little homes for animals using the twigs and leaves they gathered!
Great fun & exploring by all!

Flying Start @ Saltash Learn About Shapes & Decorate Biscuits!

 Flying Start @ Saltash Learn About Shapes & Decorate Biscuits! 
The holiday club and pre-school children at Flying Start @ Saltash have been looking at shapes, colours, and patterns recently!
They have been making patterns and pictures using the ‘tap tap art’ materials… look at that amazing concentration!
And then they decorated some biscuits with different coloured icing and different shaped sprinkles!
That sounds like an especially delicious way to explore and learn about shapes!!

Flying Start @ Camborne Toddlers Enjoy Gym Club!

Flying Start @ Camborne Toddlers Enjoy Gym Club!
The toddlers at Flying Start @ Camborne have been having a hopping time with gym club in the garden with Lou!
The children have been jumping from circle to circle, practising their crouching down and jumping up, doing obstacle courses, and listening carefully to instructions!
Great work Camborne!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College’s Practice Letters In Lots Of Ways!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College’s preschool children practice letter formation any way possible!

Using their fingers in damp sand, paint brushes in water, pencils, pens, sticks in the mud …. the possibilities are endless!

This week they have been practicing using buttons, to carefully line up and form letters from their names.

Lots of practice helps!

Flying Start @ Camborne Have A Visit From A Police Officer!

Flying Start @ Camborne Have A Visit From A Police Officer!
Flying Start @ Camborne have been very lucky to have visits from people who help us, and this week they had a visit from a police officer called Jenny!
Jenny told the pre-school children all about her job, and how the police help us in many different ways!
She also brought her road safety box and the children all had a chance to be the lollipop person who made sure the other children didn’t cross until it was safe… look at them practising on their zebra crossing!
Jenny was very impressed with the pre-school children as they listened very well and asked her important questions… one of their questions was “why does your jacket have so many pockets?” and she carefully showed the children all the different things she has to carry, which make her jacket quite heavy!
The children were also really curious about her hat – and luckily for them, she had bought a few for the children to try on!
Thank you so much to the     local PCO Jenny, who took the time to come to the nursery and share all about her important job with the children – they had a fantastic time & learned lots!

Flying Start @ Camborne Have Garden-Themed Stay & Play With Parents!

Flying Start @ Camborne Have Garden-Themed Stay & Play With Parents!

The staff at Flying Start @ Camborne were delighted to welcome lots of parents into the nursery, to join them for a stay & play session!

Despite the rainy weather, the parents and children got to enjoy lots of exciting garden-themed activities indoors out of the rain…


The parents and children joined in with pebble painting, twig mark making, tin-can cooking, and potion making!!

All the parents had a lovely afternoon, and the children were very excited to play with their parents at nursery!

Great work, Camborne!

Flying Start @ Marjon Pre-Schoolers Do Woodwork!

Flying Start @ Marjon Pre-Schoolers Do Woodwork!

Flying Start @ Marjon have been trying out their new Tinkering Kids woodwork sets!!

Under supervision, the pre-schoolers have been creating shapes in the wood using nails, hammers, lollipop sticks, and string!

They had an amazing time trying out this exciting equipment, and improving their fine motor skills!

Great work, Marjon!

Flying Start @ Redruth Celebrate Flora’s Birthday!!

Flying Start @ Redruth Celebrate Flora’s Birthday!!
The children & staff at Flying Start @ Redruth have been celebrating the 24th birthday of Flying Start Nurseries this week!! Every year, the children enjoy birthday-themed fun, for ‘Flora’ who is the little girl in our logo!
The children at Redruth had lots of Flying Start balloons to play party games with…
They sang happy birthday & even made this special Flora cake in Flying Start blue!!!
Great fun had by all at Redruth!



Today is Flying Start’s 24th birthday!!!

Across all of our nurseries, we are celebrating Flora’s (our little girl with a kite on our logo!) birthday, with birthday cake and lots of party games!

A huge thank you to all of the children, parents, families, and staff who have been a part of Flying Start over the last 24 years… We have seen different generations and whole families come through the nurseries, and hundreds of children given a Flying Start to Lifelong Learning!

As well as our loyal amazing staff – some who have been with us for many many years – who help make those Flying Starts happen!

Thank you all & here is to many more brilliant years!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College Go Shopping at a Farm Shop!

Flying Start @ Cornwall College Go Shopping at a Farm Shop!
The pre-school department at Cornwall College were very excited to visit a farm shop because they have their own farm shop role-play in the pre-school department!!
   IMG_20170307_112041 (1)
The children looked at all of the different fruit and vegetables that they could see in the shop and talked about which ones grow in England… they talked all about how the bananas and pineapples need hot sunny weather which means that they definitely aren’t from England!
IMG_20170307_111921 (1)
Then they decided to look for the vegetables which were still muddy because they would have come straight from the soil… and they found potatoes, carrots and turnips like this!
IMG_20170307_111959 (1)
The children chose to buy six fresh eggs from the shop… they gave the lady the money, and took them back to nursery to have some scrambled egg for a snack… yum!
IMG_20170307_112440 (1)