Flying Start @ Saltash Toddler’s Are Building Houses!

Flying Start @ Saltash’s Toddlers Copy The Little Pigs…

After reading 3 Little Pigs, the children’s story theme for the half term, the children decided to have a go at using sticks to make house shapes

The toddlers, moved the sticks around in the tray to try and work out how to make a triangle for the rood and a square for the house.

The children did colour matching which the sticks, shape sorting and recognising and also counting… before adding in their little pigs to act out the story!

This proved to be a simple, but really effective activity to teach maths whilst enjoying their favourite story at the moment!

Flying Start @ Saltash Visit Tamar House

Flying Start @ Saltash Visit Lots of Nannies and Grandads!

The children have visited Tamar House and had a lot of fun with the elderly residents!

They did singing and dancing together, and then the children got to decorate cakes that the residents had kindly made them. Thankyou Tamar House, we love coming to visit!


Flying Start @ Saltash Look High and Low…

Flying Start @ Saltash Searching for Birds! 

The children went out to look in the hedgerows for birds, listening carefully they followed the sounds…

They realised that they had to stay really quiet and have their super fast eyes working, to spot them before they quickly flew away!

They took notes of what they saw to help them remember the colours and sizes when they were talking to their friends at nursery.


Flying Start @ Saltash’s Chinese New Year Celebrations!

Flying Start @ Saltash Recognise The Year Of The Pig for Chinese New Year!

The children make pig masks and draw pigs, learning about the special celebration this year in China which focuses on the year of the pig.

Wishing each other a Happy New Year with their pig masks was a little bit funny! But the children enjoyed learning about the focus on the animal and how it changes each year.

Flying Start @ Saltash’s Fire Engine Visit!

Flying Start @ Saltash Are Learning About People Who Help Us, With The Help From The Fire Brigade

The Preschool children have been learning about different occupations and the people in the community who can help and care for us, the Fire Service kindly came along to show the children the Fire Engine, the equipment they use and to listen to what their jobs involve.

The most exciting part was definitely testing out the hose and its amazing water pressure… it went a long way!

Thank you to the Fire Service for taking the time to help the children learn about their role in our local community and how they help to keep people safe.

Flying Start @ Saltash Meet Lots Of Animals!

Flying Start @ Saltash’s Babies Visit The Animals at

The Babies walked to the local secondary school where they have lots of animals.

Meeting goats, chickens and rabbits outside the children then had fun splashing in the puddles. They got to say hello to the animals, and get really close with a little petting also!

Then when the children went inside they got to meet Ben and Jerry, the guinea pigs!

The children thought they were very funny in the way they moved and squeaked.

Thankyou to for letting the children meet the animals!

Flying Start @ Saltash Have A Visit From The Local Police!

Flying Start @ Saltash Have A Visit From The Local Police!

The children at Flying Start @ Saltash had a very exciting visit this week, when the local Police force came by to meet the children!

The children got to have their fingerprints taken using the inkpad, and they were fascinated by the different lines and patterns made by their fingers!

The children listened to some lovely stories about how the police have helped people in the community!

Then they listened to a funny story, which they made the characters for using face templates – complete with pom poms and leaves!


A huge thank you to the local Police force for giving up their time to come into the nursery!

Flying Start @ Saltash Pre-Schoolers Build A See-Saw!

Flying Start @ Saltash Pre-Schoolers Build A See-Saw!

The pre-school children at Flying Start @ Saltash have been having great fun in the garden!

They have been exploring and building using the large construction resources… together they built with the large planks, to make a see-saw!


They experimented with sitting on the see-saw, and trying to balance it out together, and then making each other go up and down…

What great teamwork to build and experiment together!

Flying Start @ Saltash Pre-School Learn About X-Rays!

Flying Start @ Saltash Pre-School Learn About X-Rays!

The pre-school children at Flying Start @ Saltash have been busy looking at their new theme of people who help them…

They have looked at some real x-rays and learned about how you can only see the bones showing up, and how an x-ray is done at the hospital…

They have been making pictures of hands and body’s and have been using different items to be stuck down as the bones!

What a great way to kick off the ‘people who help us’ theme of learning!


Happy New Year from Flying Start Nurseries!

Happy New Year from Flying Start Nurseries!

Happy New Year from all at Flying Start Nurseries!

The nurseries are now all re-opened as of today (2nd January) for 2019 and are looking forward to welcoming all of the children & their families back!



We hope you all had a wonderful break with your children!