Flying Start @ Duchy’s Crocodile Counting!

Flying Start @ Duchy Count Crocodile Teeth!

The Preschool children have been practising their numbers and counting by adding teeth to their crocodile …

Firstly they had to count how many teeth the Croc had and then had to see if they could find the correct numbers and stick them in the right order – this worked on their counting in sequence, numeral recognition and matching numeral to quantity.

Without getting their fingers nibbled, the children managed to practice counting and get more familiar with the numerals. Well done Precshoool! Please do point out lots of numbers when out and about with your child, encourage them to tell you which number they think it is!

Flying Start @ Duchy’s Babies In The Garden!

Flying Start @ Duchy’s Babies Love to Be Outside…

Wrapped up warm in their all-in-ones the babies use the nursery garden every day to enjoy fresh air and exploratory play!

The see-saw, balls, and pretend play are firm favourites at the moment in the garden, but we like to change it up and offer different experiences!

If your baby loves to do something in the garden, why not let the team know and they can offer this at nursery too!



Flying Start @ Duchy Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Flying Start @ Duchy’s Diverse Celebrations!

The celebrations spread across lots of areas of learning through lots of different types of play….

From exploring noodles using chop sticks and scissors in their sensory play, trying to master chopsticks using their careful fine motor skills in preschool, dancing to Chinese music with ribbon sticks and then making Spring Rolls for a yummy snack!

Carefully filling the pastry with our noodle, vegetables and bean sprouts that we had mixed up, before our cook baked them in the oven…

And the best bit! Yum yum!

What a busy day! Alongside all of this fun learning, the children learnt about Chinese culture, recognising that different people celebrate different festivals… but actually it can be a lot of fun to join in!


Flying Start @ Duchy’s Forest SNOW School!

Flying Start @ Duchy Explore The Forest In The Snow!

Preschool had a chilly trip to the forest in the SNOW!

Wrapping up warm the children headed out on their usual daily forest school, however noticed one major difference… it was white!

Feeling the crunch under foot they explored the different textures … slush, snow, ice and felt how cold it really was!

They made snow angels, and snow balls before heading back to get warm with a hot chocolate!

Flying Start @ Duchy Toddler’s Mark Make!

Flying Start @ Duchy Use Dough to Develop Fine Motor Skills…

Rolling the dough until it was flat, and then exploring making different marks in the dough with different actions and tools.

The children particularly liked using the scissors to make snips in the dough, which also helps develop their hand strength for learning important writing skills!

Flying Start @ Duchy Babies Do Big Scale Painting!

Flying Start @ Duchy Babies Do Big Scale Painting!

The baby department at Flying Start @ Duchy have been exploring big painting using their whole bodies!

The key-workers got the children ready in their all-in-one suits, spread paper out across the floor, put out some brightly coloured paints, and off they went!

The babies used their hands and feet to make different marks with the paint, and they tried out different tools too!

What amazing creativity!

Flying Start @ Duchy Toddlers Start New Forest School Sessions!

Flying Start @ Duchy Toddlers Start New Forest School Sessions!

The toddler department at Flying Start @ Duchy have now started their very own forest sessions which they have been very excited about!

Firstly, the toddlers had to get their new all in one suits on with their wellies – which took a little bit of help and a lot of wriggling!

Then the children held hands and walked down to the forest altogether…

Once in the forest, they explored the new environment collecting and counting sticks, mastering tricky steps, and listening to the different sounds that they could hear!


A great first session for the toddlers exploring forest school, and lots of exciting adventures and learning to come!

Flying Start @ Duchy Learn About Looking After Their Teeth!

Flying Start @ Duchy Learn About Looking After Their Teeth!

This half-term, the pre-school children at Flying Start @ Duchy are focusing on healthy lifestyles and are kicking it off with looking after their teeth!

They have been discussing trips to the dentist and what happens while you are there…. and they’ve been having a go at looking into model mouths and being the dentist too!

They have also been practicing ‘making the teeth clean’ with toothbrush and toothpaste with an emphasis on the importance of brushing your teeth really well!

What a fun way to learn all about the importance of keeping your teeth really clean and healthy!

Happy New Year from Flying Start Nurseries!

Happy New Year from Flying Start Nurseries!

Happy New Year from all at Flying Start Nurseries!

The nurseries are now all re-opened as of today (2nd January) for 2019 and are looking forward to welcoming all of the children & their families back!



We hope you all had a wonderful break with your children!

Flying Start Nurseries close for the holidays!

Flying Start Nurseries close for the holidays!

We can now announce that Flying Start Nurseries are closed for the winter holidays!

A huge thank you to our brilliant staff teams across all of our nurseries, for all your hard work and enthusiasm!


We hope all of our children enjoy opening their Christmas presents from Father Christmas on his nursery visits!

We wish you all a very happy holidays, and we will re-open in the New Year on the 2nd January!